Importance of UI/UX of App in Startups


Why UI/UX plays an important role for startups?The answer is simple it plays a crucial role when you are pitching an idea.The UI and UX Design help to win the investors confidence and make them understand your idea by providing them what they are looking for.

VC firms work closely with their companies to refine business and marketing plans, recruit talented staff, and even work side-by-side to turn products into hits.


The most common impacts of bad user experiences provided with apps are lost revenue, decreased efficiency and productivity,unsatisfied users, apparent negative hits on your brand and increased customer acquisition costs as a result it decreases the lifetime value of existing customers.


There are 5 levels of UX designs

1. Functional Integrity

You can have a product that has high ease of use and utility is as yet a drag to utilize in light of the fact that it crashes a great deal or key highlights don't fill in as, designing, and different orders need to work intently together. Useful uprightness additionally alludes to how steady a product is. a product must be both inside steady (predictable with itself) and remotely (reliable with different products from a similar organization and predictable with surely knew ideas).

2. Usability

Discoverability and understanding are two key areas of usability.Once a user discovers key features, are they able to understand how and why to use them.Good products have both. If a user can’t discover a feature, it doesn’t exist for that user. Users should be able to easily discover features without instructions, and once they do discover a feature, they should be able to quickly understand how it works and why to use it.

3. Comfortable

Client experience is something your guest feels while perusing your website.Being a basic piece of any plan, the structure of client experience ought to be a well-considered process.This factor is answerable for repeating clients.

4. Delightful

At the point when given two indistinguishable items, individuals will lean toward the item that has an unrivaled visual design.People will pay more cash for an item that looks and feels much improved. Individuals will accept your item is better manufactured in the event that it has a decent look and feel.

5. Meaningful

Do this item or highlight assist me with accomplishing something? An item can be extremely simple to utilize, while additionally having little worth and is likewise client explicit as certain individuals may discover significant and others not.