Apps with React Native


React native framework fulfills all the requirements of startups as well as pre-established companies that want fast pace deployment of apps. Sometimes question arises? What's the need of hybrid apps, When can we go for older ways of app development by android and iOS development.

The answer is simple, it saves time and money without compromising with quality. Thus, it gives the same performance outcome without any additional changes. React Native Community has 42658 members which makes it strongest. Moreover, the core of React Native is worked on full-time by Facebook's React Native team which is the reason why react native apps has an edge over the other technologies.


Serious challenges faced during App planning:

1. Having insufficient funds

Building up an application is a costly issue as the expense of app development can be in the range of $3,000 to $150,000, contingent upon the idea of your application.

2. Use of modern technologies to stand out from the crowd

To make the mobile application seamlessly perform over all the mobile platforms, deciding the latest technologies is the key factor.React Native enables us to build world-class application experiences on both iOS and Android platforms using a consistent experience only in JavaScript and React.

3. Exceptional user experience is a must-have factor

Reflect on interactions well ahead of time to save time amid the designing stage. Also, go for a far-reaching application experience.We wanted the app to deliver the same high quality level of user experience as the best native apps in terms of performance and system integration (access to camera, push notifications, etc).

4. React Native: Helps to reduce the time to write code

In the world of software development, being able to reuse the code which is already written is actually a big thing. React Native has that capability to bring you to that exact ability. I am not implying that React Native is “write once and use every platform”. Being a developer, you will need to write some fresh code to build a UI that looks and feel native for individual platforms as per their best practices as well as standards.